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Management Philosophy at RSPS functions as a relaxed environment while holding its employees to a status of excellence. RSPS employees have the freedom to explore and grow as one desires, while being expected to do nothing less than their best. RSPS employees are ambitious, diligent, and team oriented all while always being eager to learn. RSPS focuses on self and corporate growth, simply by working hard to be industry leaders. RSPS has an outstanding reputation in the construction management industry for providing exceptional services to public- and private-sector clients. Our specialization allows us to offer clients the best practices and lessons learned necessary to deliver the services required. We understand the demands, need and requirements of on-call contracts and are prepared to deliver each project with increased efficiency and expertise.

Project Management Approach at RSPS demands a detail-diligent approach, proactively managed by professionals who have the experience, skills and technical support each project demands. RSPS professionals are not only credentialed; they have seasoned, hands on experience in the construction industry. RSPS team possesses over 60 years combined experience, and includes: project managers, estimators, schedulers, cost managers, document managers, as well as construction claims avoidance experts. For over 15 years, clients nationwide continue to select RSPS team as consultants on their most complex projects. Meeting our clients’ diverse needs in handling project risk and exceeding their highest expectation is our mission.

The RSPS team is familiar with the various contract delivery methods (design-bid-build, design-build, and construction manager at risk), and has experience managing from pre-construction through construction on multiple projects. Plan validation during stages of design, including project changes associated with cost trends, is critical to identifying and managing early risk.

Each member comes from a contracting background, each with experience working for both owners and contractors. This makes the RSPS team ideal to help successfully manage a project, as they have field credibility, as well an understanding for overall project design and contract performance requirements. RSPS is prepared to take a leadership role, responsible for any and all issues that relate to project controls. Our effectiveness and development of many years of combined unique experience, translates our ability to produce through efficient management and coordination of all project activities. Some tasks can include; review of critical path, identifying potential risk areas, providing a monthly schedule narrative identifying change notices, change orders, problem areas, progress, execution changes, cumulative progress curves and accrued costs.

Response to quick notice items – RSPS functions as a team internally while externally working with owners, contractors, or subcontractors. This team atmosphere allows the employees to be flexible and be reliable in unpredictable situations.

As all members of the RSPS team are diversified in construction projects of all industries this makes RSPS the right choice for our clients especially with the thought that “emergency issues” could arise. Due to the diversity in the firms’ employees, it is of no issue for one consultant to help another through a time a consultant needs to put clients projects on the top of their priority list.


At RSPS safety is the most important of our core values. It is our first priority during every work day.


RSPS has always believed involvement in and support of the community are at the heart of our company.


Successful project outcome/Client satisfaction, as this is the core of our repeat business.


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