RSPS develops independent cost estimates and capital cost estimates on projects ranging from the thousands to the millions. We collect vendor quotes, local material costs and regional productivity rates, current building trades labor costs, as well utilize RS Means, On Screen Take Off and historical estimating records. Many as sold project estimates are used to develop cost code specific cost control budget detail for project execution, as well as resource loading.

RSPS provides Independent Cost Estimating services (ICE) during the design phases of various District projects on an as-needed basis. The ICE will consist of a comprehensive production-based cost analysis which will include at a minimum Quantities, Labor, Equipment, Materials, Subcontractors, Overhead, and Construction Sequencing.  Other cost considerations should include a market analysis, future costs, and risk analysis.

RSPS can also provide OPINION OF PROBABLE CONSTRUCTION COST (OPCC), GUARANTEED MAXIMUM PRICE (GMP), RECONCILIATION through various workshops as required for the presentation of OPCC or GMP material.  In addition, can prepare and run cost estimating reconciliation workshops as required.

If you need a specialized team of certified project professionals