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RSPS provides training seminars ranging from schedule development to the implementation of best practices to clients around the world. Our strict regard for risk management and claims avoidance processes are the foundation for Critical Path Management as it relates to early resolution for any type and size of project.

Our instructors’ enthusiasm in training, project controls, and application usage is demonstrated in topic discussions, review sessions, and supporting exercises.  Each instructor has over 20 years construction experience which translates into enhanced applicable learning of best practices partnered with their deep understanding of  software functionality using real-world examples, encouraging discussion and participation while constantly reviewing the key principles set forth by the organization and implemented in the application.  Courses cover scheduling fundamentals related to project setup and configuration of details and Work Breakdown Structure, resources, and cost accounts.  The definition of scope breakdown through activity development incorporates calendars and coding, and encourages techniques to expedite sequencing and overall project setup to maintain the flow of the project schedule.

Lessons related to publishing reports and customization through programs’ reporting utilities standardizes data entry and timely updates of project information.  We encourage constant analysis through short interval filters and baseline evaluation to track job performance.  Advanced lessons cover importing/exporting data, manipulation of data through global changes and filters, advanced costing techniques and resource loading, creation and customization of layouts, earned value analyses, and schedule forensics.  Our methodology of a structured approach and steady paced instruction guides students from the beginner levels to the more advanced levels of schedule development and maintenance.


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