US95 near Goldfield, Goldfield, Nevada. Rock Solid was lead planner for pre-construction CPM schedule with private mining owner, NDOT, and lead designers.  Then transitioned to monthly progress reporting in field in collaboration with CM, Contractor and Owner.  The permanent relocation of a portion of US Highway 95 and adjacent utilities is required for the future construction and operation of the Gemfield Mine Project located north of Goldfield, Nevada. To minimize travel and service disruption, the existing facilities (US 95, access roads, power lines, water lines, pump house and water tank, fiber-optic lines, etc.) will remain in place and active until the new facilities are constructed and operational. Once the new facilities are constructed, they will be connected to the existing facilities at the north and south ends of the realignment with minimal impact.


Client: US95 near Goldfield
Location: Goldfield, Nevada
Completed: 0000
Value: $$$$



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